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Shadow Specter

Buy Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus Buy Vampire Takeover [ SHSP-EN075 1st Ed. Rare ] Buy Celestial Wolf Lord, Blue Sirius

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Buy Bluw Flame Swords man[LC04-EN004 Ultra Rare ] Buy Bluw Flame Swords man[LC04-EN004 Ultra Rare ]Buy Card of last Will

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Synchro Monsters

Buy Power Tool Dragon [ CT06-EN001 Secret Rare ] | Buy Ancient Fairy Dragon [ CT06-EN002 Secret Rare ] | Buy Black Rose Dragon [ CT05-EN003 Secret Rare ] | De-Synchro [ TDGS-EN049 Rare ] | Ancient Sacred Wyvern [ ANPR-EN043 Ultra Rare ] | Buy Black Rose Dragon [ CT05-EN003 Secret Rare ]
Synchro Monsters were first released in 2008 and introduced the mechanics known as the Master Rules. The new Synchro Summoning rule in particular is popular amongst some characters, who often perform a special chant when calling forth the Synchro Monster The color of Synchro Monsters frame is white. Synchro Monsters require Tuner Monsters to be Summoned. When the total Level of the Tuner monster and the other monsters on your field exactly matches the Synchro Monster's Level (no more, no less), by sending them to the Graveyard, you can Summon the Synchro monster. Because Synchro Monsters belong in the Extra Deck, they return there whenever they would be returned to the hand or Main Deck, like fusion monsters before.

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Dark Magician (Alt. Art) [ DPYG-EN001 1st Ed. Rare ] | Black Luster Soldier [ DPYG-EN017/1st Ed. Rare ] | Black Luster Soldier [ DPYG-EN017 1st Ed. Rare ] | Black Luster Ritual [ DPYG-EN022 1st Ed. Non-Holo ] | Marshmallon [ DPYG-EN015 1st Ed. Rare ] |Call Of The Haunted [ DP04-EN025 Non-Holo ] |
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Tune up your deck - Putting together the perfect Extra Deck, figuring out which Synchro monsters fit your strategy and style. But to get those Synchros into the action, you need one more thing: Tuners. Tuners are the only way to Synchro Summon the new white-bordered Synchro monsters. Just send a Tuner and one or more non-Tuner monsters to your Graveyard, add up the Levels of the monsters you Tuned, and choose any Synchro from your Extra Deck with that number of Level stars. You’ve gotta match the right Tunevs and non-Tuners to get the Synchros you want, so the trick is to make sure you’ve got the right Tuner monsters. Here are some tips: - You should play three to five Tuners in your Deck. That way, you’ll get one reliably in every Duel. If you’ve got cardz that let you search your Deck for a Tuner, that’ll speed stuff up. - Make sure you’ve got the right Levels! For example, if your Extra Deck has lots of Level 8 Synchros, make sure the Tuners you play match your other monsters. If you’ve got plenty of Level 6 monsters in your Main Deck, then Level 2 Tuners will work best. But if you play more Level 5 monsters, Level 3 Tuners will match your Deck better.

About of the Game

This is a very popular game around the World. At first it seems very simple; But you have the ability to create 100's of deck types. These decks can match your personalities or be your alter ego - your choice. With the many of the most powerful singles ever reprinted in Structure and Starter Decks, Duelist Packs, now more afforadable and Powerful Limited Edition Promos from Special Edition Packs You can now build affordable yet powerful decks. Many have called the game a cross between Chess and Bridge.

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